Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tips for a Happy and Lasting Marriage

Top 5 
Tips for a Happy and Lasting Marriage  

5.  Always remember why you got married in the first place.  Love, sweet love, can carry you very far.

4. Unless you're an X-Men and mind reading is your gift, communication is key. Believe me, I'm always talking to myself. No really, talk to each other about everything and keep in touch during your day.

3.  Don't stop dating just because you're married.  Take time out to explore new possibilities and keep flirting, too.  Come up with different ways to keep things interesting. I've got some great ideas from Fun & Creative Dates for Married Couples: 52 Ways to Enjoy Life Together for my dates with Mr. Escapades.
2. If love is the glue that keeps you together, then compromise is the catalyst to making it stick! Sometimes you take and other times you give.  Striking a balance between the two will make you both happy.

1.  Express your affection: verbally and physically.  Whether it's a simple "I love you, babe", a little peck as you head out the door, or a foot rub at the end of a long day, show your love to each other every day.

On a personal note, one of my biggest wishes in life is to celebrate 50 years of marriage - the big Golden Anniversary.  The tips I've shared above are working so far as Mr. Escapades and I have been married for over 16 years.  I could probably go on and on with this list, but I'd rather read yours, so leave a comment and let me know what's working for YOU and your spouse.

Celebrate your similarities and bask in your differences.  Hold on for dear life during the bad and savor those happy times, and whatever you do, enjoy your life together.   Happy marriage!

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  1. I have been married for 24 years now. Well, it’s not always happy times, but I think what keeps my husband and I together is the understanding that we have for each other. More often than not, we come across some of our differences, and even now, we tend to discover new things about each other, and compromise really matters. Mutual acceptance is important. I believe in every relationship, both of you must be willing to settle on your differences.

    Russell Dill